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Cosmos Launches Stargate: Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) for Cross-Chain Interoperability – Crypto Mode

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Baar, Switzerland — 18th February 2021Cosmos, the interoperable blockchain ecosystem, has announced the launch of Stargate, a set of upgrades that brings significant new capabilities and performance improvements to blockchains built with the Cosmos software developer kit (SDK). Among these upgrades is the highly anticipated Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, delivering true interoperability by allowing blockchains to talk to each other — creating a new standard for cross-blockchain coordination and exchange.

Christopher Goes, Lead Developer of the IBC protocol, commented: “For the first time ever, blockchains will be able to trustlessly connect to one another — bringing in a new era of networked blockchains, much like how TCP-IP brought in an era of networked computers. IBC will have a transformative impact on the blockchain space by creating an ecosystem of politically independent chains that can interact via trade and information exchange. Knitting together many different blockchains can form a new crypto-economic system which is more resilient, efficient, and locally sovereign.”

IBC provides the reliable backbone for a new token economy, permitting anyone globally to facilitate quick and secure exchanges across chains. The Cosmos Hub is the first blockchain to support IBC in production. Stargate makes it possible for Cosmos SDK-based blockchains to incorporate the IBC