Cosmos Network

Akash Network, the World’s First Decentralized Cloud Computing Marketplace and the First DeCloud for DeFi, Develops Critical IBC Relayer for Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol – PRNewswire

Key features for the IBC Relayer include:

  • API Server: An end-to-end API server that allows clients to interact with IBC chains. This feature allows the Relayer to expose an RPC server that enables a user to make common queries and use all the relayer functionality against a programmatic HTTP interface, i.e. a website. This feature will also allow for remote management of relayer nodes.
  • Improved Client-side Validations: Improved the security and robustness of the Relayer by improving client-side validations for messages.
  • Added Support for Client, Connection, and Channel Recycling: This feature is a crucial performance enhancement for the IBC network, and reduces the number of connections needed between different servers, improving efficiency and speed in the system.
  • Automatic Updates to Clients for Preventing Expiry: Added crucial usability improvements such as automatic client updates to prevent expiration of IBC clients, reducing management and monitoring of the system.
  • Typed Events: This feature simplifies the code base and makes it easier for clients to consume events from all Cosmos SDK-based chains. It also makes the system more stable and greatly improves the developer experience.
  • Architecture Decision Records (ADR) in Cosmos SDK: A submission for design events was integrated into the latest Cosmos SDK and will be incorporated into the Relayer.

Essential to launching the IBC protocol and the