Bitcoin: Another Mini-Meltdown Appears Likely – Seeking Alpha


Bitcoin (BTC-USD), as well as the blockchain enterprise sector in general, has become increasingly correlated with stocks in recent months. Due to the upcoming election, the lack of progress on the fiscal stimulus front, uncertainty about the state of the economy going forward, the likelihood of an increase in volatility, as well as other factors, things could get messy in the blockchain enterprise segment in the weeks ahead.

Bitcoin: 1-Hour Chart


We see that BTC is forming what appears to be another head and shoulders pattern, similar to the prior ones in the chart above. Furthermore, Bitcoin got rejected at the critical $11,800 resistance level recently and broke through support at $11,500. More recently BTC has been testing the $11,250 area of support and is dangerously close to breaking below this crucial level. If $11,250 gets penetrated, Bitcoin could melt down further below $11,000 and possibly retest $10,500, as well as $10,000 support levels next.

A Longer-Term Outlook