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Setting up a Cosmos Validator on the Blockchain Small Validators Deserve More Delegation in ATOM – The Cryptocurrency Analytics

There was a recent session on how to set up a Cosmos validator. It has been seen that small validators do a great job at Cosmos.  Therefore, attempts are being made to make things easy for small validators. This is important because small validators deserve more delegation

Cosmos Tweeted:  “Did you miss the Code with Us session with mark0baricevic on how to setup a @cosmos validator and choose the best validator setup & sentry node architecture to join a network?”

The Marko Baricevic video clearly explains what a Cosmos validator is and what a Cosmos validator does.  The video walks through the step-by-step process of running a Comos validator on the edition of Cosmos Code with Us.

Anyone interested in becoming a validator will feel that the dedicated 02 hour 09 minutes and 52 seconds is worth all the time spent in learning.

For those who are new to Cosmos, “Cosmos is an open, distributed network of interoperable block chains powered by the Tendermint consensus algorithm.”

Maheen Hernandez ,writer at The Currency Analytics opined:  “It is worth the time spent learning to set up a Cosmos Validator Node on their You Tube Channel, particularly from someone who has direct experience running a validator. Win with ATOM.”

About the Sentry Architecture they say the validator must be private, sentry node relays messages from public internet to your validator, validator can have multiple connections or just one, sentries do not have to be in same location as validator and security due to