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Important Blockchain Software Bug Found and Patched in Tendermint, a Consensus Mechanism for Cosmos’ DLT Interoperability Ecosystem – Crowdfund Insider

Bluzelle, a “decentralized” data network, has reportedly found an “important” bug in Tendermint, the consensus mechanism for the Cosmos ecosystem, which aims to facilitate blockchain interoperability (communication between independent or separate blockchain networks).

As mentioned in a release shared with Crowdfund Insider:

“The bug was discovered during Bluzelle’s validators competition which utilized Cosmos and Tendermint. The three-week event, which took place in June, attracted 220 participants and prompted the discovery of the error in the Tendermint consensus algorithm.”

The Bluzelle team claims that the bug they found helped with preventing the Tendermint consensus process from “proceeding, causing validators to freeze.” They revealed that even after they restarted the blockchain network, and assigned a new genesis (new computing state) for the validators, the problem still did not go away. This caused the chain to come to a halt.

Bluzelle says it was “compelled” to file a detailed bug report because of the severity of the issue.

A fix for this critical bug has reportedly been created and also implemented by the Tendermint team (on July 2, 2020). A cybersecurity “vulnerability entry” has been filed by Tendermint, with the CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) international database.

Bluzelle had been sharing detailed forensic logs with Tendermint, which helped identify the potential cause of the bug or error. The Tendermint team used the reports to reproduce the error and identified the issue before writing a