Poloniex Exchange Team Working To Get the Rewards Out – The Cryptocurrency Analytics

Poloniex has been lately querying users about the kind of assets they love and about whether it is not on Poloniex yet.  They are looking for recommendations on the type of assets the users would see listed in the exchange.

Poloniex Exchange tweeted:  “Introducing our ALTS trading section We’ve added a new ALTS trading section on Poloniex that includes all of our ETH markets. As we continue to list more assets, this section will expand to include all new non-stable coin quote pairs.”

Poloniex has the lowest trading fees in the market, and there are several ways by which users can push them even lower to earn rewards in turn.  The exchange permits lending and earning interest rewards on assets.

To maximize holdings on the assets, users tend to stake TRX, BTT, WIN, and ATOM.  There is no opt-in or lock up periods.  There is enough freedom to trade, deposit, and withdraw at any time, the returns are competitive.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “The good thing about Poloniex exchange is that they keep checking in to user interest to get know-how about the kind of assets the users would like to have listed in the staking process.”

There are, of course, traders who complain that they have had their BTT or any other token on the exchange without rewards of any kind. However, the exchange seems to have acknowledged user concern, and they have replied, stating that