Cosmos Network

What is Cosmos (ATOM)? – Decrypt

At the moment, a blockchain tends to act as its own universe with almost no way to communicate with the world outside of its network–without third-party help anyway. As a result, bickering, tribalism, and maximalism among the supporters of the various different blockchains has become the norm. But can there be one blockchain to unite them all? Take a trip as we explore, Cosmos, the “internet of blockchains”. 

What is Cosmos?

Cosmos aims to become the “Internet of Blockchains,” where any blockchain is able to communicate, share data, and transact with any other. By allowing many different blockchains to interoperate, there is less of a need for these networks to ruthlessly compete to be the one blockchain to rule them all. Instead, many different blockchains can coexist with their own specialized use cases and advantages.

Cosmos is a complete technology stack that goes beyond simply allowing different blockchains to connect and share data with each other. They have also created a streamlined development process that allows developers to create their own custom blockchain in months or even weeks instead of years.

The combination of a relatively easy blockchain development process with the ability of new and old blockchains to interoperate should more application-specific and less general purpose blockchains are developed.

Did you know?

To showcase the power of the Cosmos technology, the team created a copy of Ethereum on Cosmos called Ethermint. This